Sharing the same passion and work as a team, we finally decide to open a fashion store. This urge are mainly coming from our mission which believe that fashion should be made for everyone.

After clear discussion, several years later, we come up with an idea to sell apparel & accessories with high quality but a very affordable price. And our sole mission that lays Mr Pilot Store is we sell things by giving the lowest price so that you could be fashionable with minimum budget. Why bother buying $200 just for a jacket when you could get it cheaper with same or even high quality when buying it from us?

And yes, we are dedicated to do this and most importantly to take a great care towards our loyal customer. Remember, when you think about fashion, think MR PILOT STORE!

We are the best at out business

And we really meant it!

New Daily Updates

Our Store are constantly being update with the latest fashion. Subscribe with us to get the latest updates from us.

Unique Design

We really thrive to show that we are the best by offering you the best design.

Advanced Shipment

We know that shipping is very important. Hence, we constantly improving our logistic to make sure you experience the best service from us.

Ultra Responsive

Enhancing customer service to be the best among the best. We care about our customers and your word towards us is extremely important towards us.