How to Pick A Jacket to Wear during Summer

May 10 , 2017


Faridzudin Razali

How to Pick A Jacket to Wear during Summer

Summer is just around the corner! 

So get your swimwear ready and hit the beach!!

Well, this is the typical words that we hear when summer is coming. But summer is not the times where you only where swimwear all day long. You need to get dressed too! In this blog post we will tell exactly why jacket will be your best friend to get dressed during summer and how to wear them.

Why wear jacket during summer?

Wearing jacket during summer seems to be another great option for you to do. 

1) Jacket can protect your skin from the UV rays from the sun. (added protection when you wearing sun block of course!)

2) Wearing jacket will make you look trendy and cool.

How to wear jacket during summer

In order to not sweat like a pig when wearing a jacket during summer is always and always pick a lightweight and thin jacket to wear. This kind of jacket will not make you feel like wearing a jacket at all. The material of the jacket is the key here. Pick a jacket that is made from nylon for example. Another great example is cotton.

The rules number 2 is to pick the right color. Always avoid picking darker color for your jacket since dark color tend to absorb heat more easily and make you feels hot during the day. 

 A right combination like this is acceptable

Another great rules is to wear jacket that is breathable. Breathable does not means your jacket can breathe like living things (LOL) but instead this kind of jacket allow your skin to breath easily without felt like its being caged or trapped.

Summer Sun Protection Jacket

So what are you waiting for, get your best summer jacket and lets summer on!!

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